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Set your profile, select the genre and we’ll send you an original script every week based on your preferences. Perfect a character or challenge yourself and try something completely new!

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Customize your script preferences so you can practice for the roles you want.

Our huge library of original scripts covers every genre and character-type imaginable.


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Submit a link to your Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Vimeo page to post your audition to the Weekly Audition community page. Get feedback from other actors and get seen by industry professionals.

“I was stuck in between acting roles, and Weekly Audition kept me in practice. I posted my performances every week and the feedback I got helped me get my next role!.”

Marcia Hill, Atlanta Actress
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Make your acting profile stand out

Create your Weekly Audition profile to share your information with other actors and industry professionals. Share your page link with casting managers to show them your recorded performances and get an edge on the competition.

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I access my scripts?
You can access your scripts from the website or the app (coming soon). You can download and print your scripts at any time if you prefer a paper copy.
What if I want to pause or cancel service?
You can pause or cancel your service at any time. You will continue to receive scripts until your subscription runs out. After your subscription runs out, you will still be able to log in and access your scripts and profile.
Where can I post videos of my performance?
You own the rights to your performance under our Fair Use Policy. That means you can post your performance and share it with anyone. If you want to share your performance on Weekly Audition, our platform supports links to Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo.
Can I give or share scripts with other actors?
We encourage you to print and share your scripts with other actors. The scripts are watermarked to prevent resale or copyright infringement, so sharing is no problem. Be sure to tell your fellow actors Company all the great services Weekly Audition provides!